The team at Mountainboarding Victoria Inc are working hard to get a Dirt Park Built in the Cardinia area (South East Victoria). We wish to create a place for people to ride their Mountainboards, BMX bikes and Mountainbikes. A safe place that allows people to progress their skills and have fun with friends.

*Illustrations are just examples and are not final drawings, nor are they to scale*


A Dirt Park or Jump track is a facility similar to a skatepark, that is built completely out of dirt that features jumps, bumps, turns and berms. A dirt park is a fantastic place to ride Mountainboards, Bmx Bikes and Mountainbikes. The space will cater to all skills levels and feature beginner, intermediate and advanced areas. 


Dirt parks are the back bone of any gravity sport as they act as a host to create and nurture a community. They are a great place for people to learn new skills and progress their passions. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2015 there was 11.2 million Australian's overweight or obese with numbers growing each year. We think an addition of a Dirt Park can give people a new fun and exciting way to stay fit and healthy.

What's next?

Would you like to help us get a Dirt Park built? For now there is three thing you can do to help get the ball rolling.

1) Email the council and tell them why you think a dirt park is a good idea.

2) Sign our petition at Combi Capers, Coffee Kombi van at Beaconsfield Timber and Hardware. The petitions will be sent to the council along with a proposal for the new dirt park.

3) Download and print the Petition by CLICKING HERE.
Put the petition up at work, school, your local cafe and get as many signatures as possible and hand them back to Dylan Warren at Combi Capers Beaconsfield.



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 Mountainboarding and BMX  Park Beaconsfield
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