What is AusMountainboarders.com

Event Entertainment, Mountainboard lessons, Birthday Parties, events and competitions. AusMountainboarders.com are a group of mountainboarders committed to growing the sport of Mountainboarding here in Australia.

What is Mountainboarding?

Mountainboarding is a sport that allows people to ride a wide variety of terrain in the same way they might skate, surf, or snowboard on it but without the need for pavement, waves, or snow.  

For mountainboarders, the earth is a giant skatepark with new lines constantly springing to life everywhere they walk, ride, or drive.

Mountainboarders live all around the world in a global community that always has a spare room, couch, or stool at the local pub for any riders who care to venture to foreign shores.

Buying a Mountainboard

Click HERE to see a list of retail stores that are currently stocking Mountainboards here in Australia. If a second hand board is what your looking for join the Facebook Group Mountainboard Australia .

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Where to ride a Mountainboard

There is thousands of places to ride a Mountainboard. These boards are made to ride anywhere! We have broken places to ride into 3 categories; Public Parks, Trails and Skateparks.

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Public Parks

Australia sure does have some amazing public parks and a lot of them are great for Mountainboarding (as long as they have a hill of course) The best thing about public parks is that they normally have big open spaces. They are great place to learn how to ride or even bring down your own ramps and set up a Mountainboard course for the day. We use Google maps to find public parks in the area. CLICK HERE for Google Maps - Tip use 3D mode to see elevation.


Mountain bike trails are a fun place to get some longruns dialed over jumps, berms and turns. We are very luck in Australia to have some amazing trail networks. Go out and explore a trail near you! CLICK HERE for Australia's Trail list.


Skateparks are a great way to shape your freestyle skills. Most skateparks feature rails and 1/4 pipes which can be found in a Mountainboard Slopestyle course making a skatepark an easy local way to practise. Some skateparks even have Foam pits and Airbags making the ultimate training facility . CLICK HERE for a list of skateparks. 

Some of our favorite places to ride are:

Mt Baw Baw - Alpine resort with lessons and a lift
Lysterfield - Great downhill trails with BBQ area and toilets
The Shed - Giant skatepark with Australia's only Air Bag!


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